Time for Remodeling

I started Close to Jesus in 2003 and since then software for running a site like this has made many advances. The old software I used became plagued by spam comments and it didn’t have a facility to prevent or remove these comments. I originally planned to get the new site 100% ready before switching over, but when I started the conversion and saw how many spam comments (and the bad things they said), I knew I had to drop the old site immediately. I will be converting the old articles to this new site over the next several months. Perhaps you will get a chance to read some of the old stuff during that time!

God bless, Mike

3 thoughts on “Time for Remodeling”

  1. Really a worthy site, Mike.

    The God’s Smuggler entry would make a great _category_, if there were the capacity for such in the software.

    🙂 but I realize I could be asking for a bit much with SOME of my thoughts (like some I’ve thought of for Nick’s site!)

    Spam and bad comments… unfortunate.

    Possibly better than no activity at all, though…

    If you needed an additional moderator (submission review & approval only according to your own standards, of course), I’d be happy to volunteer.

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