Seven Things to Remember in Your Sermon

I am reading a book called The Soul Winner by Charles H. Spurgeon. As with all Spurgeon it is a great book. I just finished the chapter called Sermons Likely to Win Souls.  In it he expounds on seven points to remember for your message. if you want to win people for Jesus.  I’m listing them here for handy reference.

  1. First, they are those sermons which are distinctly aimed at the conversion of the hearers.
  2. If the people are to be saved, it must be by sermons that interest them.
  3. The third thing in a sermon that is likely to win souls to Christ is: it must be instructive.
  4. Fourthly, the people must be impressed by our sermons, if they are to be converted.
  5. Fifthly, I think that we should try to take out of our sermons everything that is likely to divert the hearers’ mind from the object we have in view.
  6. Sixthly, I believe that: those sermons which are fullest of Christ are the most likely to be blessed to the conversion of the hearers.
  7. Lastly, brethren, I think that: those sermons which have been prayed over are the most likely to convert people.

I close with this encouragement from Spurgeon:

May the Holy Spirit anoint every one of you, and richly bless you in winning souls, for our Lord Jesus Christ’s sake! Amen.

God bless, Mike

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