What does Psalm 31:6 mean?

What does Psalm 31:6 mean?

  • regard
  • lying
  • vanities

David contrasts himself with those men who “regard lying vanities.”

I have hated them that regard lying vanities: but I trust in the LORD. — Psalms 31:6

One definition of regard is: To keep; to observe with religious or solemn attention. These men worship lying vanities!

David hates those who worship idols and false gods. He hates those who follow wicked and vain imaginations.

David places his trust in the only one who is true and faithful, that is the LORD. There is only one living God. All other gods are vanity and a lie.

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  1. There is more here than we realize! A careful study shows that these men are keeping watch like guards to false lying vanities or systems of thought placed into their minds by demons. Jonah 2:8 adds that all who do this forsake their mercy which comes from the only true God. This should sober all of us! We must not allow any lying vain thoughts gain control or worse bring us to guard them as we hold onto them with belief and consent

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