More Is Caught Than Taught

I have heard it said that more is caught than taught. This is a worthy saying to remember as you teach your children. You have probably also heard this, “Do as I say and not as I do!” Children will invariably do as you do. They learn a great deal through observation and imitation. Every boy and girl wants to be like their Daddy and Mommy.

Do we teach our children about faith, or works?

I want to teach my children about faith in God, but often I find myself slipping into a works mentality. The world values achievement and winning over everything else, while God values faith.

2 John 1:4 & 2 John 1:7

What was the major influence in your child’s life, growing up, that guides their life today? I can tell you one thing with certainty! It is either Jesus Christ or antichrist.

A New School Year?

It is hard to believe that summer is nearly over and that it is time to start a new school year. Has this summer been a season of growth for you and your family in the Lord?

Your Children – They Are Watching You!

My youngest son was busy with something the day after I mailed the September Newsflash. He had created on his own newsletter. My family and I had a lot of fun when he read it to us. We especially enjoyed his paraphrase of one of our memory verses! His version of Philippians 2:14 read like this: “Do all things without murderings and disputings.” I’ll get to the correct wording of that verse soon, but when you think about it, My son’s version is not far from the truth!

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