O For A Thousand Tongues!!

Can you see into the future of your family? It seems like an impossible task. I am here to tell you that it is not as difficult as you might think. What does the future hold for your children and the future generations of your family?

Sing Praises to the Lord!!

It always amazes me when a day is going wrong, how much music can turn it around. I think this happens because music is a form of worship. When we start to sing unto the Lord, this act of worship can bring us closer to God. When we are close to God in worship, our troubles have a way of disappearing.

ClosetoJesus.org is back!

Yes, I think that I can finally call my website crisis over! ClosetoJesus.org was down for an extended time from November 28, 2003 until January 2, 2004.

Who is that, knocking on my door?

My family has been reading a book called Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John. This story, set in Switzerland and first published in 1948, teaches about repentance and forgiveness. I mention the book because this article is written around an idea that comes from the book.

Things aren’t always like they seem!

Have you ever wondered what effect your environment has on you? It’s amazing how your perceptions and assumptions shape your experiences. For example, what is it like to be expecting milk when your glass is filled with orange juice? Your mind has you prepared to taste milk, but you are quite surprised when it tastes all wrong. The missed expectation causes you momentary disorientation.

Your Children – They Are Watching You!

My youngest son was busy with something the day after I mailed the September Newsflash. He had created on his own newsletter. My family and I had a lot of fun when he read it to us. We especially enjoyed his paraphrase of one of our memory verses! His version of Philippians 2:14 read like this: “Do all things without murderings and disputings.” I’ll get to the correct wording of that verse soon, but when you think about it, My son’s version is not far from the truth!

The Father’s Role as Shepherd – Completed Version!

I had originally intended to post the continuation of “The Father’s Role as Shepherd” in weekly installments. However, it developed into a full-fledged message. This post includes my sermon notes for a message I gave on September 21, 2003. I pray that it will be a help to fathers and their families.

The Father’s Role as Shepherd

I write for a local homeschool support group’s newsletter. This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the latest edition. I plan to continue with this study over the next couple weeks on closetoJesus.org.

God’s Smuggler

There are great benefits to reading books about missionaries. I find that they stretch my thinking and my faith in new and challenging ways. God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill is such a book.

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