But it is good for me to draw near to God… Psalm 73:28a

Keep Praying

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I read the following, written by John Harder, in a newsletter from Evangelical Tract Distributors.

Most Christians have heard of George Muller and his adventures of faith.  But faith has a co-worker, and that is prayer.  At the age of thirty-eight, he began to pray persistently for the salvation of five individuals.  Every day, come rain or shine, he pleaded for their salvation. Read more »

Three Men Who Trusted God

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Every year about this time, people all over the world, including Christians, are making resolutions about living a better life. Most people eventually fail, as old habits win out and they lose their resolve. What do some people have, that they are able to purpose their life for the Lord and live in victory? These people are seen as great men and women of God, unique to the human experience. However, I believe that God desires this kind of life from every believer. It is a life given over to the will of God. Read more »